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VisiRex - Visual Rule Extraction

"Discover the Rules Behind Your Data"

VisiRex is an exciting new tool that performs data mining and knowledge discovery by extracting the rules hidden within any database.
  • Discover interesting and useful patterns and rules within any database.
  • Generate comprehensive statistical reports on your data.
  • Build color-coded decision trees with adjustable tree pruning.
  • Browse your data while observing anomalies that do not fit the normal behavior.
  • Segment your data into clusters of similarity.
  • Build predictive models using a portion of your data, then test the models using another portion.
  • Perform "live predictions" to interactively experiment with data values.

Context Sensitive Help !

This help file is context sensitive. Simply press F1 from the main program and you will be delivered into the appropriate area of this help file.

Table of Contents

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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