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VisiRex Browse Test Data

This screen is used to browse through all of the data in your test set, while viewing the accuracy of the prediction for every row.

Browse Test... Features

  • Incorrect predictions are show as red.
  • Use Edit_Find Next Incorrect Prediction to quickly jump to next anomaly.
  • Right click on a column header to sort and find.
  • Sort by check mark column to group all marked columns together.
  • The previous two column sorts are automatically used as secondary and tertiary sorts.
  • The primary sort column shows the column header as underlined.
  • Double click or press spacebar to set or clear a check mark on the current row.
  • Drag a column line to temporarily resize or collapse the column width.
  • Use the Browse Filter to show only marked or unmarked rows.
  • Use the Browse Filter to show only correct predictions or incorrect predictions.
  • Fields that are set to ignore in field selection are shown as gray.

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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