I n t r o d u c t i o n     t o     V i s i R e x
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A Rule Tree

Rule Extraction

Suggested Uses

VisiRex Overview


Some Typical Uses for VisiRex

Business Uses:

  • Which customers are likely to buy which products?.
  • Which products are likely to sell with other products? in what region? in what season? at what price?
  • What is the best location for our new branch?
  • Which transactions are likely to be fraudulent?
  • Which customers are likely to pose a credit risk?.
  • How do our sales respond to various economic indicators? to the weather?
  • What is our competitor going to do next?
  • What factors are important in choosing a good stock market investment?

Medical and Scientific Research Uses:

  • Which medical tests should be done in what order to arrive at a reliable diagnosis?
  • Which medical patients should seek a second opinion regarding their diagnosis?
  • What medical patients are likely to benefit from what combination of drugs and treatments.
  • What scientific observations should be collected in order to reach a conclusion?
  • What combinations of factors are important in reaching a conclusion?
  • How does a scientific experiment react to various parameters?

Industrial Uses:

  • Which quality control tests are necessary? redundant? irrelevent?
  • Which process parameters have important downstream effects.
  • What combinations of factors are important in choosing areas for mineral prospecting and oil exploration?
  • How does a skilled operator respond to process irregularities?
  • How does one predict and diagnose machinery problems?

Many Other Uses:

  • Economics, econometric modeling and financial markets.
  • Forecasting, modeling and scheduling.
  • Criminal investigation and law enforcement.
  • Politics, elections and public policy.
  • Sports betting, horse racing and gambling

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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