V i s i R e x     T i p s   &   T r i c k s
Table Of Contents

Tips & Tricks

Choosing a Project

VisiRex vs NeuNet

Extracting Rules

Mining Data

Modeling Data

Using Marks

Tips for Using Marks

Slice and Dice Your Data

  • The VisiRex Marks menu is used to select interesting subsets of your data for export to another file.
  • Marks can be toggled manually for the current row by double clicking the mouse or by pressing spacebar.
  • Marks are maintained inside your project file, so they persist from one session to the next.
  • HINT: use Marks... Entire Table... Clear All Marks if you wish to ensure all marks left over from a previous session are removed.
  • The marking functions may be applied to either the current browse view or the entire table.

Toggle All Marks

  • This function reverses the marked state.
  • All marked rows are cleared, and all unmarked rows are marked.

Mark All Rows

  • This function turns on the check mark for all rows.

Clear All Marks

  • This function turns off the check mark for all rows.

Export All Marked Rows

  • This function exports all the marked rows to a new text file.
  • The exported fields may be either comma delimited or tab delimited depending on your setting under Edit... Program Preferences.
  • The resulting text file can be imported into your spreadsheet, word processor, or database program. It can even be imported into VisiRex as the basis for a new project.

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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