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File... New Project
  • Choose a name to create a new VisiRex project.
  • You will be asked what database and what table this project shall use.
  • The newly created project will have the extension .vrp (example: "Iris.vrp")
  • If another project is currently open, it will be closed automatically.

File... Open Project

  • Choose a previous project.
  • You will be delivered to the Browse All Data screen.
  • All of the project configuration settings, the latest decision tree, test results and checkmarks are stored in this project file.
  • If another project is currently open, it will be closed automatically.

File... Close Project

  • Closes the current project.
  • Projects are constantly saved as you work. So there is no need to worry about saving a project before closing it.
  • VisiRex will remain open with no current project loaded.

File... Extract Rules

  • Delivers you through a three screen wizard that will extract the rules according to your desired settings.
  • The first wizard screen is field selection where you specify what field you wish to predict and what other fields you wish to consider as inputs for the prediction.
  • The second wizard screen is row selection where you specify what rows are to be used for the rule extraction and what rows are to be used for later testing of the extracted model.
  • The third wizard is the actual rule extraction screen. Here you interactively experiment with the tree pruning while observing a visual image of the extracted tree.
  • Try to arrive at a simple tree that produces good confidence. How simple amd how confident? This is a subjective judgment that depends on the character of your data and the purpose of your project.

File... Import...
  • Converts any comma seperated test database into MS Access .mdb format with row counter as primary key field.
  • VisiRex requires .mdb format.
  • This feature allows you to use data from spreadsheets and text editors.

File... Export to Visio

  • Creates a text file description of your flow chart in a format that is readable by the popular flowcharting program - Visio.

File... Print Current Window
  • This feature will send a screen shot of the current VisiRex window to your printer.
  • Remember to select your desired view.
  • The VisRex Window will be zoomed to fill your page size.

File... Print Flow Chart

  • Sends the current flow chart to your printer.
  • You may select the size of tiled print, so many pages can be joined toether. One flow chart could fill an entire wall!

File... Recent Project List
  • This is a list of the most recent projects you have worked on.
  • Simply click a file from this list to load that project.
  • The size of this list may be set from 1 to 16 by using the Edit Program Preferences menu.
  • The initial setup of VisiRex populates this list with 8 sample projects.

File... Exit
  • This item is used to exit from the VisiRex program.
  • The current project is saved automatically as you work, so there is no need to worry about saving your project.
  • The program may also be exited by clicking the Close Button (X) at the top right of the program window.

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