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Table Of Contents

Tips & Tricks

Choosing a Project

VisiRex vs NeuNet

Extracting Rules

Mining Data

Modeling Data

Using Marks

VisiRex Tips & Tricks

VisiRex Sample Data

  • An assortment of VisiRex sample data (.mdb) files comes with the installation of VisiRex. These files are not limited by your registration level, so you have an opportunity to test your system on larger files. Be careful not to modify these files in any way, or they will loose their status as authorized samples.
  • You may create as many new projects as you wish for any data file.
  • Users of NeuNet Pro can use any of the NeuNet sample data (.nns) files with VisiRex. Additional sample data may be downloaded from the VisiRex web site.
  • CorMac Technologies Inc. welcomes donations of interesting data sets to the VisiRex web site.
A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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