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VisiRex Confusion Matrix

The Confusion Matrix shows a row count of actual versus predicted on a class-by-class basis.
For example it will separate false positives from false negatives.

Confusion Matrix... Features

  • Click on any cell to browse all the data that is shown in that cell.

Confusion Matrix... Understanding

  • It takes some practice to understand the confusion matrix.
  • The correct predictions lie along the yellow diagonal.
  • The above sample is telling you there were 50 actual Setosa and all 50 were correctly predicted.
  • There were 50 actual Versicolour of which 48 were correctly predicted and two were predicted as Virginica.
  • There were 49 predictions of Versicolour or which 48 were correct and one was actually Virginica.
  • There were 50 actual Virginica of which 49 were correctly predicted and one was predicted as Versicolour.
  • There were 51 predictions of Virginica or which 49 were correct and two were actually Versicolour.
  • 4.00% of the actual Veriscolours were incorrectly predicted.
  • 2.04% of the Versicolour predictions were incorrect.

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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