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VisiRex Flow Chart

Flow Chart View shows your extracted rules as a color-coded flow chart

Flow Chart... Features

  • This view works best for smaller trees having less than 200 to 300 nodes.
  • This view is not available if your tree becomes too wide.
  • Double click on any node of the flow chart and you will be delivered to a data browse showing all data passing through that node.
  • Use the magnifying glass Zoom In or Zoom Out to zoom in or out on the flow chart.
  • Drag a rectangle around a certain area of the flow chart and the view will automatically zoom in to that area. HINT: This drag method is better than using the magnifying glass.
  • Use the Chart Control to color the flow chart according to data quantity, prediction confidence, or predicted class.
  • Place your mouse cursor over a particular node to view the Local report for this node in the Chart Control.

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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