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VisiRex Version History

  • VisiRex Version 1.0

    • This was a 16 bit, Windows 3.1 program completed in August, 1997.
    • This program was used for in-house data mining and never released to the public.

  • VisiRex Version 2.0

    • Visi20.exe was released on October 1, 1999.
    • This is a 32 bit program that requires Windows 95, 98 or NT.
    • This was a entire rewrite of the program, taking 8 months of development time.

  • VisiRex Version 2.1

    • Visi21.exe was released on July 26, 2001.
    • This is a 32 bit program that requires Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or NT.
    • Ability to connect to ODBC databases was added.
    • The spinner for setting Prune Rate was changed to logarithmic scale for better control.
    • Runaway trees are now detected and gracefully handled, avoiding apparent hangups.

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