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Table Of Contents

Tips & Tricks

Choosing a Project

VisiRex vs NeuNet

Extracting Rules

Mining Data

Modeling Data

Using Marks

Tips for Modeling Data

Data Modeling

  • VisiRex can be used to build a data model that will predict the outcome of future data.
  • The current data model can be used at any time by selecting the Live Predictions jewel icon on the tool bar, or from the menu.
  • Fields that do not appear on the current decision tree were determined not to be important. These fields show as gray on the Live Predictions.

Hints For Data Modeling

  • Configure your row selection so that the a portion of your database is used for training, and another portion is used for testing. It is important that your data be well shuffled.
  • Extract a rule tree that provides high confidence predictions on the training set. The tree should be large enough that it accurately follows all of the subtle behaviors of the data, while not so large that it attempts to model the noisy anomalies.
  • Press Finish on the rule extraction screen and you will be delivered to the Browse Tests Results, where you will be able to compare the predicted versus actual for every record in your test set.
  • Try the Confusion Matrix as a detailed report on how well your test data is being modeled.
  • One you are satisfied your model is providing useful predictions, use the Live Predictions screen to provide real time predictions for future data values. This screen is a live expert system!

A Complete System for Inductive Rule Extraction

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