NeuNet Pro Program Screens
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Configure Project

Advanced Config

Data Split

SFAM Train

SFAM Browse

Confusion Matirx

BackProp Train

BackProp Browse

Scatter Graph

Time Series Graph

SFAM Browse Test Results

  • This screen is allows you to browse through your entire SFAM testing set while comparing the actual class to the predicted class.
  • Incorrect predictions are shown in red.
  • The columns that are not being used to make the prediction are shown in gray.
  • Use the yellow interactive row to experiment with field values while observing the effect on the prediction.
  • Right click on the blue column header to sort and find by any column.
  • The previous two column sorts are used as secondary and tertiary sort.
  • Sorted columns show their blue column header as underlined, and sort column names appear in the status bar at bottom.
  • Double click any row or press spacebar on the current row to checkmark that row for export.
  • All rows can be checkmarked, unmarked or toggle-marked using the Edit menu or tool bar.
  • Use the View menu or tool bar to limit this view to only correct or incorrect predictions.

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