NeuNet Pro Program Screens
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Configure Project

Advanced Config

Data Split

SFAM Train

SFAM Browse

Confusion Matirx

BackProp Train

BackProp Browse

Scatter Graph

Time Series Graph

Configure the Project

Advanced Configuration Screen Upper Configuration Box Lower Configuration Box Lower Configuration Box
You must configure every new project you create.
Existing projects may be reconfigured at any time, except data source cannot be changed.
When you change configuration, all previous training is lost.

The Upper Box:

  • Use the Browse button to select a database. Many projects may share the same database.
  • If you have not yet purchased a NeuNet Pro license, the selected database must be a NeuNet Sample File (.nns). Licensed users may select any database in MS-Access (.mdb) format.
  • Select the desired table from the database. If your database contains only one table, it will automatically be selected.
  • Remember the selected table must contain one Primary Key Field.
  • All of your field names will appear in the "Available Fields" list in the lower box.

The Lower Box:

  • Choose which single field you wish to predict and slide it leftward into the Prediction Field box. Remember BackProp Projects require a numeric field and will not accept a text field. SFAM projects will accept any field, but there must be less than 256 different values for the SFAM prediction field.
  • Choose which fields you wish to use for making the prediction and slide these fields rightward into the Input Fields box.
  • You must select at least two fields as input fields.
  • All input fields must be numeric. Text fields cannot be used for input fields.

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