NeuNet Pro Tips & Tricks
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Tips & Tricks

Choosing a Project

Importing Data

Configure Project

Mining Data

Training BackProp

Training SFAM

Making Predictions

Exporting Results

Exporting Results

  • Flag all data rows that you wish to export using the checkmark column.
  • Use Mark All to flag all records in the current view with a checkmark.
  • Use Unmark All to remove all checkmarks in the current view.
  • Use Toggle Marks to reverse the marking of all rows in the current view.
  • When you press File_Export, the checkmarked data rows are written to a comma delimited ASCII text file.
  • The resulting file can be used by most word processors, text editors, spreadsheets and database programs.
  • This feature is useful when you are data mining and you wish to make a list of all the gold nuggets you find.
  • When flagging rows for export, use Sort to group the data view into interesting clusters.
    For example, to group BackProp anaomlies at the top of the list, right click on the Difference column header and sort the column descending.

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