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Tips & Tricks

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Importing Data

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Mining Data

Training BackProp

Training SFAM

Making Predictions

Exporting Results

Importing Data

How to Import:

  • You must File_Close any current project before the File_Import becomes available.
  • Use File_Import to select the desired source file.
  • The new file will be created into the same directory as the source file using the same name as the source file with the extension .mdb (example: "Wine.txt" becomes "Wine.mdb").

Importing Data from ASCII Text Files:

  • The ASCII file can be created from most spreadsheets, text editors and data recorders.
  • The ASCII file name will usually have the extension .txt (example: "Iris.txt").
  • The ASCII file must contain comma delimited columns.
  • The first row always is taken as header names.
  • If a column contains any non-numeric value, that column is imported as a text field.
  • If a column contains all numbers, and all of them are integers, that column is imported as long integer.
  • If a column contains all numbers, and any of them are not integers, that column is imported as single precision floating point.

Importing Data from Older Neunet.raw Files:

  • The data file name must have the extension .raw (example: "eeg.raw").
  • The data will be parsed according to the Neunet's .raw specifications.
  • Column headers and all columns will be imported.

Importing Data from Spreadsheets:

  • Save you spreadsheet as comma separated text. For example in MS-Excel, use File_SaveAs and choose the CSV format.
  • Follow the above instructions for ASCII text files.

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