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NeuNet Pro Version History

  • NeuNet Pro Version 2.3
    • NNP23.EXE was released on June 30, 2001.
    • Intelligent Data Normalization was achieved by defaulting User Min/Max to +- 2 standard deviations from average. This ensures your data is located at the most sensitive part of the backprop sigmoid function. A few wild outliers will not cause re-scaling of the normalization.
    • Support for ODBC databases was added.
    • Mark Selected rows was added. Rows may be selected by ctrl_click or Shift_click.
    • Current Training/Testing range now shows on most screens.
    • Predicted, Actual and Difference now show during mouse moves on the backprop scatter graph.
    • The Advanced Setup screen may now be printed, along with most others.
    • File Import now accepts both .csv and .txt extensions.

  • NeuNet Pro Version 2.2
    • NNP22.EXE was released on November 30, 1999.
    • A graduated purchase plan was implemented, with free level-one registration.
    • Mark, Unmark, Toggle All Rows now apply to current view only.
    • Minor bug fixes:
      • Program crashes if missing data causes no useable training rows.
      • Intermittent "OverFlow Error" on SFAM training.
      • Bottom status bas was sometimes holding stale messages
      • Failed or aborted import was leaving source file open.
      • Yellow row column dividers were occasionaly loosing alignment with main grid.
      • Error message during csv import was refering to "row #" instead of "column #".
      • Click on outliers was sometimes showing wrong rows when scrolled down.

  • NeuNet Pro Version 2.1
    • NNP21.EXE was released on February 19, 1999.
    • "Click on Outliers" was added to scatter graph and confusion matrix.
    • Interactive "What If" row was added to data browse.
    • Predictions can now be made using a single input field.
    • "Drag and Drop" was added to field selection in configuration screen.
    • Field names now show on configuration screen according to order in source database.
    • Unused field columns are now positioned to the right when browsing predictions.
    • Any field may now remain constant across all records.
    • Training screen bar graph now shows blue color for best yet.
    • Line graph view on training screen (graph type) button was removed.
    • Minor changes to operation of data splitter in split screen.
    • Import from text file will now tolerate a space in file name and allow punctuation in field names.
    • Bug fixed where startup warning message was sometimes hidden beneath splash screen.

  • NeuNet Pro Version 2.01
    • NNP201.EXE was released on December 7, 1998.
    • Minor cosmetic changes were made.
    • Click anywhere to discontinue splash screen.
    • Program now allows your data table to be named "TEST".
    • Program menu and tool bar no longer appear on printouts.
    • Install of Windows 3.1 program group has been removed.
    • Install of desktop shortcut is now optional.
    • Uninstall now removes shared system files if not required by any other program.

  • NeuNet Pro Version 2.0
    • NNP20.EXE was released on September 27, 1998.
    • This version is a complete re-write for 32 bit Windows.
    • The "look and feel" was modernized and improved.
    • Intensive mathematical modules were optimized and fully compiled to a DLL.
    • Training speed was increased by approximately 1000%.
    • SFAM "Confusion Matrix" was added as a way to report on the accuracy of SFAM classifications.
    • SFAM "Certainty Estimate" was removed.
    • BackProp "Scatter Graph" was added as a way to report on the accuracy of BackProp predictions.
    • Data Browsing, Data Marking and Data Exporting were added.
    • Printing of the current window was added.
    • The old NEUNET.RAW file format was replaced with standard ACCESS.MDB files.
    • Ability to import ASCII text, spreadsheet files and .RAW files was included.
    • All data size limits were vastly increased.
    • Data browsing was improved with field sorting and field finding.
    • A complete, context sensitive, printable, online help file was included.
    • All nag screens were eliminated. However, NeuNet Pro must be used with authorized sample data until a license is purchased.
    • The price was increased from $89 to $595.
    • Online ordering over the internet was embedded into the help file.
    • A NeuNet Pro web site with support forum was established at http://www.cormactech.com/neunet
    • The Programmer's Kit will be available (January 1999) as an optional purchase.

  • NEU-NET Version 1.2
    • NEUNET12.EXE was released on December 8, 1995.
    • Nag screen no longer appears on the provided sample projects.
    • The nag screen now appears every 2 minutes, only on new projects.
    • Sound effects were removed from the nag screen.
    • Several spelling and grammar errors were corrected.
    • A separate Order Form was added, with credit card encryption for E-mail.
    • A Certainty Estimate (high, medium, low) was added to the SFAMTEST screen. If the four highest activated nodes are all in agreement, the Certainty is high. If three of these four nodes are in agreement, the Certainty is medium. If less than three nodes agree, the Certainty is low.
    • The Alt-E accelerator key now appears only once on the main menu.
    • Minor improvements were made to tab order on some screens.
    • The program now exits gracefully if you close using the upper left handle-bar.
    • NEU-NET 1.2 now defaults to 640 x 480 window size, instead of maximized. It will appear full screen on 640 x 480 video, but will appear as a part screen on higher video resolutions. The window remains sizable.

  • NEU-NET Version 1.1
    • NEUNET11.EXE was released June 6 1995.
    • Installation was changed to use the WISE installer.
    • All windows can now be sized and minimized.
    • EDIT and NOTES now shell to MS-Write.
    • Maximum inputs were increased from 32 to 64.
    • Maximum BackProp outputs were increased from 8 to 16.
    • Problem with some foreign languages using 1.234,56 instead of 1,234.56 is now detected and solution is messaged.
    • Patterns which exceed maximums are now detected and messaged during the initial PROJECT OPEN.
    • Patterns are now parsed once then held in RAM instead of parsing on the fly.
    • General code optimization plus reduced parsing has resulted in a 75% to 100% increase in training speed.
    • The Nag Screen was revised, with timing first longer, then becoming shorter.
    • Some of the sample projects were changed.
    • The encrypted files which show how to use the trained network from your own software were expanded and improved.
    • These sample files now include:
      • PREDICT.BAS (for QuickBASIC & QBASIC)
      • PREDICT.FRM (for VisualBASIC)
      • PREDICT.C (for C)
      • PREDICT.XLS (for MS-EXCEL)

  • NEU-NET Version 1.0
    • NEUNET.ZIP was released on December 23, 1994.

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