*********** Stocks.nns is a NeuNet Sample File ***********

This file contains special properties that allow NeuNet Pro to recognize it
as authorized NeuNet sample data.  Anyone using the unlicensed version
of NeuNet Pro is welcome to experiment with this sample data.
Please do not modify this file, or it will lose its status as authorized sample data.

For further information about Neunet Pro and additional sample data,
please visit the NeuNet Pro website at http://www.cormactech.com/neunet

All of this data has been collected from publicly available sources.
CorMac Technologies Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of the data.
This data is intended solely for experimental purposes.

Stocks.nns contains the following weekly data from August 6,1993 to May 15, 1998:

[Friday]                  The friday date August 6, 1993 to May 15, 1998

[Dow_Industrials]         Dow Jones Industrial Index

[Dow_Industrials_Volume]  Dow Jones Industrial Index Trading Volume

[Dow_Transport]           Dow Jones Transportation Index

[Dow_Industrials_Volume]  Dow Jones Transporation Index Trading Volume

[NYSE_Comp]               New York Stock Exchange Composite Index

[NYSE_Comp_Volume]        New York Stock Exchange Composite Index Trading Volume

[S&P100]                  Standard & Poors 100 Index

[S&P100_Volume]           Standard & Poors 100 Index Trading Volume

[S&P500]                  Standard & Poors 500 Index

[S&P500_Volume]           Standard & Poors 500 Index Trading Volume

[TSE]                     Toronto Stock Exchange Index

[TSE_Volume]              Toronto Stock Exchange Index Trading Volume

[P-Income]                USA Personal Income, SA, $billions

[Unemployment]            USA Unemployment Rate, SA, %

[Energy]                  USA Consumer Price Index for Energy, SA, 1982-84=100

[Savings]                 USA Savings at Depository Institutions, SA, $billions

[Loans]                   USA Bank Loans and Leases

[M1]                      USA M1 Money Supply

[M2]                      USA M2 Money Supply

[M3]                      USA M3 Money Supply

[Exchange]                USA Dollar Trade Weighted Exchange Index, 1973=100

[30Day]                   USA 30 Day Federal Funds Rate %

[90Day]                   USA 3 Month Treasury Bill Rate %

[180Day]                  USA 6 Month Treasury Bill Rate %

[1Year]                   USA 12 Month Treasury Bill Rate %

[5Year]                   USA 5 Year Treasury Rate %

[10Year]                  USA 10 Year Treasury Rate %