*********** States.nns is a NeuNet Pro Sample File ***********

This file contains special properties that allow NeuNet Pro to recognize it
as authorized NeuNet sample data.  Anyone using the unlicensed version
of NeuNet Pro is welcome to experiment with this sample data.
Please do not modify this file, or it will lose its status as authorized sample data.

For further information about Neunet Pro and additional sample data,
please visit the NeuNet Pro website at http://www.cormactech.com/neunet

All of this data has been collected from publicly available sources.
CorMac Technologies Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of the data.
This data is intended solely for experimental purposes.

    ***************  More about the States Data *******************

The enclosed table "USA_States" contains 28,052 records
with 53 classes.

Each record contains the latitude and longitude cordinates
for random towns, along with the state name.


  47 states @ 500 records each                = 23,500 records
  1 state "RI" @ 373 records                  =    373 records
  1 district "DC" @ 179 records               =    179 records
  1000 points "MX" along Mexico border        =   1000 records
  1000 points "PO" along Pacific Ocean coast  =   1000 records
  1000 points "CN" along Canada border        =   1000 records
  1000 points "AO" along Atlantic Ocean coast =   1000 records
   T O T A L    ( 5 3   C L A S S E S )       = 28,052 records

All records have been shuffled into random order.