*********** Liver.nns is a NeuNet Pro Sample File ***********

This file contains special properties that allow NeuNet Pro to recognize it
as authorized NeuNet sample data.  Anyone using the unlicensed version
of NeuNet Pro is welcome to experiment with this sample data.
Please do not modify this file, or it will lose its status as authorized sample data.

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All of this data has been collected from publicly available sources.
CorMac Technologies Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of the data.
This data is intended solely for experimental purposes.

    ***************  More about the Liver Data *******************

1. Title: BUPA liver disorders

2. Source information:
   -- Creators: BUPA Medical Research Ltd.
   -- Donor: Richard S. Forsyth
             8 Grosvenor Avenue
             Mapperley Park
             Nottingham NG3 5DX
   -- Date: 5/15/1990

3. Past usage: 
   -- None known other than what is shown in the PC/BEAGLE User's Guide
      (written by Richard S. Forsyth).

4. Relevant information:
   -- The first 5 variables are all blood tests which are thought
      to be sensitive to liver disorders that might arise from
      excessive alcohol consumption.  Each line in the bupa.data file
      constitutes the record of a single male individual.
   -- It appears that drinks>5 is some sort of a selector on this database.
      See the PC/BEAGLE User's Guide for more information.

5. Number of instances: 345

6. Number of attributes: 7 overall

7. Attribute information:
   1. mcv	mean corpuscular volume
   2. alkphos	alkaline phosphotase
   3. sgpt	alamine aminotransferase
   4. sgot 	aspartate aminotransferase
   5. gammagt	gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase
   6. drinks	number of half-pint equivalents of alcoholic beverages
                drunk per day
   7. selector  field used to split data into two sets

8. Missing values: none