Introduction to NeuNet Pro
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What is Neural Net?

Suggested Uses

SFAM Classification

Back Propagation

NeuNet Overview

NeuNet Pro Overview

NeuNet Pro has been designed to be very easy to use. Users should take a few minutes to read this overview, so they will quickly understand how the program works.

Main Program - "Neunet.exe"

  • Run Neunet.exe by clicking the desktop icon, or from your Start_Programs menu.
  • Use the FILE menu to open an existing project or create a new project.

Project File - "MyProject.nnp"

  • All NeuNet project files use the extension .nnp (example: "MyProject.nnp").
  • You may create as many projects as you wish. Several projects may share the same data file.
  • The project file is configured to contain the following information:
    1. The name of the data file and table to be used for this project.
    2. Whether this is an SFAM or BackProp Project.
    3. Which records are to be used for training and which for testing.
    4. Which fields are to be used for inputs and what field is the target prediction.
    5. A snapshot of the "best yet" neural net.
    6. The results of the latest scan through your testing data.
  • Once the project file is configured, you can experiment with GO_Training and the various graphing and browsing views.

Data File - "MyData.mdb" or "SampleData.nns"

  • One data file can be shared by several projects.
  • NeuNet Pro only reads your data file. Your data is never modified in any way.
  • Data files may have any extension, however they must be in MS-Access (.mdb) format.
  • Data files must contain a primary key field.
  • Data files can be created from ASCII data or old Neunet.raw files using File_Import.
  • The unlicensed version of NeuNet Pro uses only authorized NeuNet Sample data with the .nns extension (example: "Stocks.nns")
  • NeuNet Sample data (.nns) files are included with NeuNet Pro and additional sample data may be downloaded from the NeuNet Pro web site at
  • Please contact Cormac Technologies Inc. if you wish to donate sample data to the web site.

Using NeuNet Pro

A Complete Neural Network Development System

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