NeuNet Pro Installation
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Installing NeuNet Pro

To install NeuNet Pro Version 2.3, simply run the program NNP23.EXE and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • The trusted and proven "WISE Installation System" manages all of the installation.
  • NeuNet Pro will be installed into a program directory of your choice.
  • An assortment of sample data files will be installed in a subdirectory named "Data" beneath you program directory.
  • A small descriptive text file (.txt) will be installed with every data file.
  • Additional sample data files may be downloaded from the NeuNet Pro web site at
  • A few sample projects are installed in a subdirectory named "Projects" beneath you program directory.
  • You may create as many new projects as you wish. Every project is linked to a data file.
  • A program group named "NeuNet Pro" will be created.
  • The program group will be added to Programs on your Start Menu.
  • A optional shortcut may be added to your desktop.
  • Your registry will be updated to include a new file association so that clicking on a .nnp file will automatically launch NeuNet Pro with that project.
  • Your registry will be updated so that all .nnp project files have the blue jeweled "NeuNet Project" icon.
  • Your registry will be updated so that all .nns data files have the red jeweled "NeuNet Sample" icon. All .nss files can be viewed using MS-Access.
  • Your registry will be updated so that NeuNet Pro Uninstall will appear under your Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs".
  • An assortment of system support tools will be installed onto your computer if these tools are missing or obsolete.
  • None of your system support tools are overwritten if yours are a newer version.
  • The file "Install.log" will be created so there is a record of everything that was done.
  • The "uninstall" program is added to your program group so that you may easily remove the program.

Uninstalling NeuNet Pro

To uninstall NeuNet Pro, simply click the trash icon "Uninstall NeuNet Pro".

  • Select automatic or custom uninstall and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Warning: The automatic uninstall will erase everything in your NeuNet program directory and all of its subdirectories. If there are any files you wish to keep, be sure to relocate then to some other directory before your run the uninstall.
  • All of the NeuNet Pro program files, project files and data files will be erased.
  • All of the NeuNet Pro registry entries will be removed.
  • System support files will be removed (after warning) if no other program requires them.

List of Installed Files

  • Program Files Placed in Chosen Program Directory
    (existing files are overwritten)
    • Neunet.exe (Main Neunet Pro Program)
    • Nnphelp.exe (Neunet Pro Help File)
    • Nnp.ico (Blue Jewel Icon For NeuNet Sample Project Files)
    • Nns.ico (Red Jewel icon for NeuNet Sample Data Files)
    • Unwise32.exe (Wise uninstall Program)
    • Install.log (created during install. Used by Unwise32.exe -- DO NOT DELETE!)

  • Sample Project Files Placed in subdirectory "Project"
    (existing files are overwritten)
    • Stocks.nnp (Predict Dow Jones Industrial Average)
    • AirMiles.nnp (Predict seasonal trends in airline travel)
    • AutoPrice.nnp (Predict automobile prices)
    • HorsePower.nnp (Predict automobile engine horsepower)
    • Eeg.nnp (Diagnose epileptic spikes on Eeg monitor)
    • Cancer.nnp (Diagnose malignant vs benign breast cancer)
    • Voting.nnp (Analyze USA congressional voting patterns)
    • Radar.nnp (Classify radar echoes from outer space)

  • Sample Data Files Placed in subdirectory "Data"
    (authorized sample data is set to read only)
    • Stocks.nns (Contains 27 indicators weekly from 1993 to 1998)
    • Stocks.txt (Description for stocks.nns)
    • AirMiles.nns (Contains monthly airline travel over ten years)
    • AirMiles.txt (Description for Airmiles.nns)
    • Autos.nns (Contains 25 specifications for 205 different automobiles)
    • Autos.txt (Description for Autos.nns)
    • Eeg.nns (Contains 9 readings for 265 Eeg spike events)
    • Eeg.txt (Description for Eeg.nns)
    • Cancer.nns (Contains 9 tests for 457 patients)
    • Cancer.txt (Description for Cancer.nns)
    • Voting.nns (Contains voting on 16 bills for 435 congressmen)
    • Voting.txt (Description for Voting.nns)
    • Radar.nns (Contains 34 readings for 351 radar returns)
    • Radar.txt (Description for Radar.nns)

  • System Support Files Placed in Windows System Directory
    (Newer versions are not overwritten)
    • Neunet32.dll (Neunet Pro Support)
    • Actbar.ocx (ActiveBar Support)
    • Tdbg5.ocx (TrueDbGrid Support)
    • Xarray32.ocx (TrueDbGrid Support)
    • Msvbvm50.dll (VB5 Runtime)
    • Comdlg32.ocx (VB5 Support)
    • Comctl32.ocx (VB5 Support)
    • Comdct232.ocx (VB5 Support)
    • Stdole2.tlb (VB5 Support)
    • Oleaut32.dll (VB5 Support)
    • Olepro32.dll (VB5 Support)
    • Asycfilt.dll (VB5 Support)
    • Comcat.dll (VB5 Support)
    • Ctl3d95.dll (VB5 Support for 95)
    • Ctl3dnt.dll (VB5 Support for NT)
    • Msjet35.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Vbajet32.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Vb5db.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Msrd2x35.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Msrepl35.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Odbcjt32.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Odbcji32.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Odbctl32.dll (Jet database Support)
    • Dao350.dll (Jet database Support)
      This file installs to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\ or possible elsewhere depending on previously installed programs.
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